Conspicuously vegan

I’m not in a position to write about the state of veganism in Auckland, I’m not a group of any kind, I’m just me.

All I know is I’ve been noticing a bit less veganism in public lately. A favourite vegetarian place I frequent has been gradually reducing its vegan quotient, and is considering branching out into organic meat. The recent vegetarian festival had disturbingly few vegan options (offering instead such questionable delicacies as “tofu and cheese pie”).

It feels like there was a little vegan bubble around this town for a while, and it’s just about bursting, and maybe it’s time to blow another one.

So in lieu of being grumpy I’m becoming more conspicuously vegan, and I wanted to start this blog to record vegan food and goings-on in my life.

Lately: pumpkin and chocolate cupcakes from Revel! Vegan white chocolate at the SAFE shop! Etc! Details to come in future posts.

4 thoughts on “Conspicuously vegan

  1. I’ve noticed the same thing happen in Wellington over the last few years.
    There are always options to hunt out. but a definite decrease in labeled “Vegan” products in cafe’s.

    Istanbul is a Turkish restaurant in Wellington which has one of its meals labeled “Vegan” but it has Feta and Yoghurt on it! so you have to double specify that you’re getting the Vegan version.

    Vegan white chocolate at Thorndon New World!

  2. Hey – is it Sweet William vegan white chocolate? I know someone in Wellington who mailorders hers from the SAFE shop in Auckland – am sure she’d like to know about local sources. I’m a fan of it – I bought a big bag of white chocolate cooking buttons a while ago and have been munching on them rather than cooking with them.

    I was in Wellington last weekend & found all kinds of vegan options, it’s sad that you’re noticing them decreasing (or mislabelled, eek!). Favourite things this trip were banana and plum pancakes at Pranah in Newtown & wonton soup at Aunty Mena’s.

  3. Pranah and Menas are King!
    It is the Sweet William White Chocolate.
    It’s in the organic section at New World Thorndon, the best super in Welly.
    They also have it at Commonsense and the Organic Grocer.
    I try not to buy it. but it’s delicious.

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