WordPress, via its automatically-generated list of similar posts, decided that my first post on this blog might be related to my oppression is more oppressy than yours on Resistance is Fertile. Yikes! Sorry, computer algorithm, I wasn’t trying to imply that the lack of vegan options in local eateries was a kind of systemic oppression! Meanwhile, go and read Lagusta’s post, it’s smart and so is the rest of her blog, by the looks.

2 thoughts on “Oppressedness

  1. Hey! Thanks! Auckland is awesome, I was there once for one day and really want to go back. Do you have a vegan Chinese place? Or…um…I might be mixing Auckland up with the other city in NZ I was in for one day. Sigh. Life goes too fast, but I got such a sweet feeling from NZ (as opposed to Australia…)

  2. You might be thinking of Auckland! Ru Lei in Henderson is a vegan Chinese place – it’s in West Auckland, quite far out of town but worth the trip. There’s also a veg Chinese place in High Street, in the middle of town, that is mostly vegan. There used to be a fake meat banquet restaurant called A Touch of Nature in Manukau, near the airport (scary realistic fake animals with accurate texture, fat layers etc). And I think there are another couple of Chinese vegetarian places around the city.

    If you do come back one day, maybe my blog will have suggestions of where to feed yourself.

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