Double Sinister

Delivery food is lazy, too much junk food is unhealthy, their website doesn’t work for blind people. They’re a guilty pleasure, for sure, but Hell Pizza are great for one reason: because of them, you can find a vegan pizza in practically every suburb in this town. They’ll even bring one to you without charging a delivery fee on Tuesdays.

There’s only one vegan pizza officially on the menu, the “Sinister”, which is covered in refried beans and chillis and a bit difficult to deal with. But Hell lets you customise your pizza fairly extensively, so you can mix up the ingredients and invent your own “vegan special”. The web ordering interface is appreciated here, as I don’t think I could order “a double Sinister, plus pinenuts and capers, with sundried tomatoes instead of regular tomatoes, caramelised onions instead of regular onions, and no jalapenos or capsicum” over the phone without feeling neurotic.

4 thoughts on “Double Sinister

  1. I hate that Hell is so convenient.
    Their Pizza is rank.
    Luckily Wellington is teeny tiny, so Pizza Pomodoro isn’t too far away and they deliver. They make the best Pizza in Wellington, by anyones standard.
    Look at me invading an Auckland vegan website and going on about wellington…. sheesh.

  2. You know, I actually had Pomodoro pizza when I was down as well, but couldn’t remember the name. It was delivered and, indeed, fantastic. Wellington’s vegan options are totally worth bragworthy compared to Auckland’s, feel free.

    Good, vegan, real pizza in Auckland can be had at Monica’s in Symonds Street (the vegan speciale), or Il Buco in Ponsonby (various kinds, by the slice), Will blog in detail next time I eat at these establishments. I’ve also heard rumours of a place in Kingsland that has a good vegan option. Revel, on K Road, sometimes has vegan pizza slices amonst their cabinet food, but they’re sort of more bready/ calzone-esque than pizza-ey. Tasty, though.

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