Revive on Lorne Street

lorne street, revived

Last Friday, I was in the city for a conference, and found myself experiencing mild vegetarian lunch rage. The scene: the conference organisers asked about people’s dietary requirements and had a table set aside, but the “special vegan option” wasn’t actually vegan. The only alternative on offer was a green salad – they couldn’t think of what else they could prepare because “options for vegans are really limited”. I manage to eat enough varied food every other day that I’m vegan, but there didn’t seem a lot of point in arguing. So I went for a walk to find something else, and what I found was the new Revive health bar in Lorne Street!

Revive has been operating in Fort Street for the last three years. The Lorne Street branch has opened recently, in a pleasant space opposite Khartoum Place. I took takeaways and had a picnic in Albert Park, but there was plenty of sitting space in Revive itself.

picnic lunch

Above: tofu curry on brown rice, Andalusian rice pilaf salad, and fresh juice that involved apple, orange and ginger. Yum.

Revive was started by Jeremy & Verity Dixon, and has its origins in their own vegetarian lunch rage:

“Leading a busy lifestyle meant that they would often buy their lunches. As health-conscious vegetarians in Auckland, it proved to be a difficult task. They found that many vegetarian options left them hungry. The main reason for this is that these meals options lacked complete protein…” (from The Revive Story)

And they’ve built a really successful business based on selling nutritious, filling vegetarian lunches to people working in the city. Revive is also open in the evenings until 8 from Monday to Thursday (but not Friday for Seventh-Day Adventist reasons).

Revive is all vegetarian, with lots of vegan options that are labelled with a V.

salads at revive

They’re not the cheapest option, but portion sizes are reasonable and it’s really good, fresh, tasty food. Check out their website – if you sign up for their weekly newsletter, they send news and discounts.

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