Sweet things

vegan meringue mix

Angel Food started life as a wholesale vegan bakery, which made delicious vegan, gluten free goodies and sold them through cafés around Auckland. They’re not doing the baking thing currently, but they’re continuing in the general direction of “providing great vegan treats, which would spread delicious vibes about veganism.”

One of those treats is pictured above, in pre-assembly form. Vegan Meringue Cookie Mix is exactly what it sounds like, believe it or not: the fixings of vegan meringues. I haven’t made any yet, but bought the packet on the strength of a sample meringue I tried at this year’s vegetarian food festival, a couple of months ago. It really was just like an eggy one, if maybe a tiny bit denser and grittier than Grandma’s used to be.

But you want photographic evidence: Hannah from BitterSweet blog tested the mixture and took pretty photos of the results: plain, chocolate, matcha and raspberry. Angel Food’s own website shares a vegan pavlova recipe. Vegan pavlova!

vegan mini meringues

vegan mini meringues – originally uploaded by angel food

Before there were meringues, there were vegan marshmallows. I bought these a couple of times, forgetting that I never liked non-vegan marshmallows, and never finished a packet. They really are marshmallowey, so if that’s something you’re into you might like to try making your own. Bryanna Clark Grogan tried out the kit and made vegan s’mores.

Angel Food is also the New Zealand distributer of Cheezly, allegedly “one of the best vegan cheeses in the world.” I don’t miss cheese either, so I’m not the right vegan to test this claim, but it apparently melts just like cow cheese, which is a rarity among vegan cheeses.

You can get Angel Food goodies from the SAFE shop in St Kevin’s Arcade, from various organic and health food shops in Auckland, from Angel Food’s website, or from other outlets if you’re somewhere else in the world – check the website for stockists.

2 thoughts on “Sweet things

  1. We’ve made these a few times. We were so excited!
    But then we tasted them.
    To be honest the taste isn’t that far removed from dust.
    Sweet dust, but dust nonetheless.

    It’s a real pity. I was pretty excited at the concept.
    Needs more chewy on the inside.

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