The Sandwich


Lunch today was the Vegan Sandwich from Pandoro in Parnell. It’s hummus, avocado, tomato, spinach and beetroot salsa. Pretty tasty, and excellent for lunchtime picnics in the Domain, accompanied with a bottle of Arano orange juice.

Pandoro Panetteria “began life in 1992 as a small artisan bakery in Parnell,” and has spread since then across the city and country (but not onto the interwebs – it doesn’t appear to have a website of its own yet). Pandoro’s not quite as ubiquitous as Hell Pizza, but there are branches in quite a few places.

6 thoughts on “The Sandwich

  1. Unfortunately they don’t make this sandwich in the Wellington store, or at least they didn’t the last several times I checked.
    I used to get it in Auckland quite a bit. Nom.

  2. I had this for the first time yesterday – super yummy! Did you know there is a vegan food fest on today (dec 7th) in Swanson? Should be a great day, there is a bit on my blog about it. It’s at 57 O’Neills Road 10am – 4pm! Yummmmm! 🙂

  3. Cool – I missed that sorry! I wish I had known I would have happily given you a lift there! Was definetly a treat to be surrounded by food of which I could have eaten any and all of it! Highlights were the snickers flavoured ice cream, passionfruit cheesecake, lentil pie and cashew cheese pizzas – a very full and round tummy returned home!

  4. Aw, thanks! Sounds like it was worthwhile. Never mind, I had my own personal vegan food fest wandering around K Road (risotto ball and barley salad from Revel, vegan trumpet icecream from SAFE). Such nice weather yesterday…

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