A summer treat

vegan berry trumpet

The SAFE shop in St. Kevin’s has recently started stocking vegan trumpet-style icecreams from the Castle Café. This one was berry; other flavours include carob fudge, peanut snickers and rockmelon.

They’re maybe the healthiest trumpets ever: made with organic soy beans, and sugar free as well as vegan – sweetened with agave nectar and rice syrup.

SAFE also has Castle icecream in non-trumpet form – little single-serve tubs and bigger containers.

The icecream’s maybe not as creamy as supermarket brands of soy icecream, but is delicious, and comes in all kinds of interesting flavours. I have a tub of passionfruit in my freezer at the moment, but am also pretty partial to carob fudge.

The trumpets are the perfect thing for eating in Myers Park on a summer day with a good book:

the end of the cone

7 thoughts on “A summer treat

  1. Yeah – I’m thinking I should probably stop complaining about a “lack of vegan options in Auckland”, already. Delicious vegan trumpets are a pretty special thing.

  2. Woah – thanks for sharing this! I love their snickers ice cream. So stoked I found your blog – thanks for sharing all your little finds! 🙂

  3. Hi! I just found your blog, yay! I recently started a vegan food & fashion blog too.
    Man taste & See rules! They are a non profit company too, so we need to support them all we can. Eat those trumpets!

  4. Thanks Amanda! Glad you’re liking the blog. I’m looking forward to trying the snickers flavour.

    Hi Ginny! I didn’t know that about Taste & See, thanks for that! (If I needed another reason to eat delicious vegan icecream…) I like your blog – am currently swooning over websites full of expensive vegan shoes!

  5. My partner and I stopped at Taste & See on the way back from Tauranga yesterday, and the woman who runs the place there informed us that they will have to close down the Castle Café and move elsewhere, due to the fact that in the last few weeks the course of State Highway 2 through Mangatawhiri has been altered, so the Castle Café is no longer on the main road (in fact we had some trouble finding it). They fully intend to keep doing what they’re doing though, they just need to find new premises. They were also involved in organising the vegan food festival in Swanson last year, and plan to do another in February.

  6. Ah, thanks for that – hope the move works out well for them. I haven’t had a chance to actually visit Taste & See, but have been enjoying the icecream.

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