Handmade Burgers

upstairs in the norman ng building

Handmade Burgers has just opened for business in the Norman Ng building, the space formerly occupied by Brazil.

[Edited in November 2014: Handmade on K Road closed a while ago, but their Kingsland outlet is still going strong. Read more about where to find vegan burgers in Auckland].

This is Handmade’s second outlet – the first opened in Kingsland a few years ago, while I was living there, and fast became a favourite lazy dinner option. It’s been really successful ever since – winning awards & the hearts of a few Kingslanders I know, so it’s about time they opened up closer to where I live.

Handmade makes big, hungry-sized burgers with really fresh ingredients, that taste like they could be homemade. They have two vegan burgers, of four vegetarian options. I had the tempeh burger the other day; the other is falafel. There’s also a mini falafel burger that looks like it would be vegan without the default yoghurt. Handmade’s chips are vegan-friendly as well.

Following in the tradition of the Norman Ng Building, Handmade in K Road also makes pretty good coffee. They use LaLa beans, roasted in the Coromandel. It’s not the superstrength of Brazil’s legendary lattes, but is strong enough and well baristed.

Both versions of Handmade are open 7 days, from 11.30AM until late (10pm Sunday-Thursday, “late” Friday-Saturday).

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