Vegan options at Wagamama

empty edamame

Wagamama first opened in 1992 in London, and has since grown into an international noodle phenomenon. In Auckland, the three Wagamamas are in Nuffield Street in Newmarket, in the CBD off High Street, and at Sylvia Park Mall.

Wagamama’s food is asian-inspired and advertises itself as fresh and healthy. It’s a chain and is not necessarily an “authentic” experience (a friend once called it “the Starbucks of Japanese food”) but it’s pretty tasty and reliable, and every time I’ve been it has been clean, efficient and friendly.

Wagamama has quite a few vegetarian options and marks them with a V on their menu, but uses lots of egg and egg noodles. I went to the Nuffield Street Wagamama recently with my parents, and asked about vegan options. After a bit of explanation of what vegans eat, the waitress found a printout of which things are suitable for different dietary requirements and left me with the vegan page. I took a picture in case it might be useful – click through to Flickr for bigger versions:

industrial espionage

I’m not sure how universal the menu is, or how often it changes, but it’s good to know that they have information available about what’s vegan and can alter some dishes if you ask.

I recommend the edamame. I would recommend the edamame anywhere, but still. I shared some with my parents, and also had miso soup and yasai itameru. Yum.

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