Dark Peanut Slab

bittersweet peanut slab

Whittaker’s has been making chocolate in New Zealand for over a century, and their dark chocolate is vegan, as all good dark chocolate should be. It’s a little sweet for my liking, but good, and very widely available. There are darkish (47%), darker (62%) and darkest (72%) blocks, and flavoured kinds: mocha, ginger, orange and my favourite, cocoa nibs. There’s also a dark caramel kind, but it includes milk in the caramel.

Whittaker’s is best known for the peanut slab, and a while ago they started making a dark chocolate version! It’s still a somewhat rare sight in dairies and supermarkets, and I’d only seen it in super-size before, but a dairy round the corner from my house has just started stocking normal-sized dark peanut slabs.

The Whittaker’s website helpfully has ingredients listing for all their products, including the fruit toffee-like K Bars that were a feature of my childhood. K Bars are surprisingly vegan-friendly, though full of dodgy chemicals that may or may not technically constitute food. Mmmmm, polydimethylsiloxane.

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