More (Auckland) veganism

If you heart vegan food and live in Auckland, you should also read I Heart Food, my friend-of-friends Katie’s blog about eating vegan and gluten-free in this town. I just found it and have been reading through older entries. So far she has tipped me off to a vegan brunch option at Shaky Isles which I’ll need to try, and vegan-friendly Mexican food at Mexicali in town and Newmarket.

Also this week, I’ve been listening to Auckland-based podcast The V Word by Meat Free Media, which brings together a group of animal rights types to talk about news and issues related to animals. They have backgrounds in animal rights activism and law, so a lot of the discussion is about the animal rights movement, priorities and tactics and such, rather than the actual v word – veganism’s sort of an underlying assumption rather than the topic of conversation, for the most part. Having said that, each episode rounds off with a segment called “I Didn’t Know That Was Vegan”, highlighting an unexpectedly-vegan food item found in New Zealand supermarkets. Meat Free Media also makes short videos, including profiles of local vegans and footage of NZ Open Rescue‘s work investigating local intensive pig and hen farming.

While I’m on the subject, some non-local vegan podcasts I’ve been enjoying lately are:

  • Vegan Freak Radio: by Bob and Jenna Torres, authors of the book Vegan Freak: Being vegan in a non-vegan world and proprietors of Tofu Hound Press. I really appreciate their uncompromising endorsement of veganism, senses of humour, and readiness to disagree with other vegans and animal-related groups when necessary (PETA advertising for KFC, etc). A lot of their show is reporting and critiquing recent news, advice for vegans or people considering veganism, and some great interviews – check out the ones with Gary Francione about vegan ethics, and Nathan J. Winograd about no-kill animal shelters.
  • Alternative Vegan is a vegan cooking podcast by Dino Sarma. He’s all about using fresh ingredients, experimenting a lot, learning what you like, saving money and avoiding omnivore substitutes. Dino’s enthusiasm for cooking has inspired me to get back in the kitchen and try new things.
  • The Angry Hippie is angry about all kinds of stuff, and he rants about current vegan issues (see the bit in Episode 22 about bullshitatarians) as well as American politics, consumerism, and various other bad stuff. He just posted a new episode featuring a lot about the financial crisis and a creepily-accurate George Bush impersonation.
  • Food For Thought is an animal-rights radio show on Community Radio Hamilton, run by Sam, a 12-year vegetarian. Each show is a mixture of animal rights issues, music by vegetarian bands and vegan recipes. Old shows are available for downloading on the website.

7 thoughts on “More (Auckland) veganism

  1. Hey, you’re welcome, thanks for making your podcast! I’ve just started listening recently (found you via the Vegan Freaks) and am really enjoying the ranting.

  2. Hi there. I’ve just found your blog today and I’m enjoying looking back through your archives. I’m a vegan newbie living in Lower Hutt and still finding out about the cool vegan places outside Welly. Thanks for the podcast links. I can recomment Vegetarian Food for Thought ( Listening to that podcast played a huge role in my husband and I taking the steps to becoming vegan after being vegetarian for 3 years.

  3. Hi Moira. Just wanted to say thank you for the mention about Meat Free Media on your blog.

    For people interested in the more vegan oriented podcasts, Episode 2 talks about being vegan at Christmas time. Episode 4 and 5 talks about vegan fitness, team vegan, and the vegan triathlon. Episode 11 is a special man only podcast where we discuss the issues surrounding vegan men.

    Thanks again

  4. Louise, thanks so much for that recommendation – I hadn’t heard of that podcast before and have been listening to a bunch of episodes today. I really like her focus on compassion and the way she addresses specific topics really thoroughly. Best of luck with being vegan! Wellington is fantastic for vegan food – the one place I’ve been in Lower Hutt is Nature: – their wonton soup was amazing.

    Aaron, no problem! Thanks for those episode recommendations. I listened to an episode of Vegan Freak Radio recently which interviewed a vegan personal trainer, and it got me thinking about fitness… will have to check out those episodes.

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