Best Cupcake Yet

best cupcake yet

The latest in cupcakes from Revel: hazelnut with espresso creme filling and chocolate on top. Amazing. Hazelnut is a favourite flavour of mine, especially when combined with chocolate, and extra-especially (as it turns out) when combined in cupcake form with a gooey espresso creme filling. So so good.

If you want to make your own, I believe the recipe is from the “Fancy Cupcakes” section of Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World. My Achey Bakey Heart (cute name!) has the recipe and photos of the making process. You can also buy the book or borrow it from the library (Auckland City Libraries has two copies, both on loan right now). SAFE’s online shop doesn’t list it on their website, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they sell it too. It’s a cute book full of gorgeous cupcake photography, and is an essential addition to the cookbook shelf. Even if, like me, all you do is drool over the photos then walk to Revel to buy one of theirs.

Yesterday’s vegan cupcake from Revel (they’re not always a daily treat, I promise!) was another pumpkin and chocolate one, enjoyed while climbing Rangitoto:

picnic snack

4 thoughts on “Best Cupcake Yet

  1. I had the same cupcake this morning. We’d actually gone to kokako as I wanted one of their spelt muffins for breakfast, but they were shut, and revel more than saved the day. YUM.

    There is a new place called the juicery on Albert St in town. I think they can do some good vegan options (though I haven’t checked it out myself yet). Smoothies and jucie mainly, but some food too.

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