Nice things with nice flavours

my lip gloss is poppin'

Today’s new favourite thing: Minty Zap Lip Balm from Pure Essentials. It’s very pleasant to use – it has a creamy, non-waxy texture and a zingy peppermint taste. The ingredients listed on the pack are all plant-based and easily recognisable (cocoa butter, coconut and other plant oils, plant waxes, vitamin E, peppermint oil), and it’s labelled vegan and cruelty free.

I bought this from SAFE, but you can also buy it online directly from Pure Essentials.

In my last post about Pure Essentials, I wasn’t sure if all their products were vegan. Brie clarified this for me:

Great to hear someone on side about cruelty free products!
Unfortunately I do use honey and beeswax in some products. Beeswax is only in my solid lotion bars and honey is in my Orange squash shampoo, honey and lime moisturiser… and I think thats it. Hard to remember everything!

I appreciate your concerns and think what you believe is wonderful, but I get local honey from people who I know care about the bees, both from an affectionate and economic perspective. I never, ever use ingredients that animals have been farmed/killed for specifically e.g. silk worm. I’m not sure if I consider bee keeping farming. Hmmm.

You might notice hyaluronic acid in some of my creams- I use the synthetic lab vegan approved form- I won’t touch the stuff from Rooster Combs.

I hope that answers your question and I’m glad you like our products!
Our future website will have all ingredients on it- so then you won’t have to worry ๐Ÿ™‚ I started on this one, then got too busy! This transition period will be over soon!

(The post and photo title are from Lil Mama – catchiest tribute to lip gloss ever).

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