Homecoming cupcake

coffee and cake

While I was away, Kat sent me a text message to check if I’d tried the day’s cupcakes at Revel. Apparently they had raspberry mousse and a slight cinnamon flavour. I’d just found a vegan chocolate cookie in Kaiwaka, so wasn’t feeling too homesick for my local cupcakes, but I hope the raspberry ones make another appearance some day when I’m in town.

I’m back at work this week after four weeks off, so thought I’d start the working week slowly with breakfast at my favourite café. I followed up my usual beans-and-coffee with more coffee and a takeaway cupcake. This one was maybe my favourite yet, though was a bit sweet for everyday eating. It was moist, spicy carrot cake with a rich, creamy caramel peanut topping. So good.

3 thoughts on “Homecoming cupcake

  1. I can’t believe I used to live just around the road to Revel and never even went in to see if they had anything vegan! Went and checked it out today and was blown away! I think I will have to go out of my way to visit it more often!

  2. LOVE these cupcakes, i bought two after tasting one and took them home. I love the variety of vegan food up here its great 🙂

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