Vegetarian Gizzard

vegetarian gizzard

Sorry, readers, I’m weeks behind with cupcake reports. I have a big list of things to write about, but for today: If you’d been wondering where in Auckland to buy vegetarian versions of your favourite obscure animal byproducts, one place to look is Lim Chhour supermarket on K Road. There are shelves and a freezer section full of vegetarian jerky, vegetarian gizzard, vegetarian smoked liver, and all manner of substitutes for random animal parts.

Things I have actually bought at Lim Chhour recently include:

  • frozen edamame! You just empty the bag into boiling water, and five minutes later you have a big bowl of steamed salted soybeans.
  • fresh Otago cherries
  • rice milk
  • instant noodles with kimchee soup
  • dried strawberries

4 thoughts on “Vegetarian Gizzard

  1. Lindsey: no idea but I suggest you try looking at the local chinese supermarket. They tend to have these products. Alternatively look for a local chinese buddhist vegetarian community and ask them.

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