Casa del Gelato

fresh fruit sorbet

I’d been hearing about Casa del Gelato on Ponsonby Road for a while, but hadn’t been there as I’m not often in the Three Lamps area during daylight hours. Word on the street was that half their range of frozen treats was vegan-friendly, fresh fruit sorbet. I finally checked it out a couple of weekends ago, on the way to my favourite supermarket. And it’s true, they have a whole cabinet of dairy-free sorbet! I tried the feijoa and blood orange flavours, and both were delicious. It’s not as obnoxiously sweet as some sorbet I’ve eaten, and definitely tastes like it involves real fruit. I’d probably just go for one flavour at a time in future, as the servings are pretty generous, but your sugar tolerance may vary.

Casa del Gelato is at 288 Ponsonby Road, on the other side of the pedestrian crossing from Dorothy’s Sister (formerly the space occupied by Expresso Love/ Café Logos, home of the best vegan cakes in Auckland, R.I.P.).

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