Vegan cooking classes!

Alice from Angel Food is about to start a series of vegan cooking classes!

Compassionate Cooking Classes
Onehunga High School
Thursday evenings: April 30, May 7, May 14 and May 21
6.30pm to 8.30pm

Eating vegan is a win-win-win scenario:
you’ll save money, help animals, feel healthier and reduce your carbon footprint.

Whether you’re a new vegan, a wannabe vegan, or you simply want to add more plant-based meals to your diet, this series of four info-packed cooking classes will get you off to a great start.

Tutor Alice Leonard from Angel Food will share simple and tasty favourite recipes she’s created for family meals and catering jobs. Most are healthy wholefoods, but there are plenty of treats in there, too. You’ll get a generous taste of every recipe.

Week 1 will cover the basics of veganism, how to replace dairy products and eggs, and answer the all-important question, ‘Where do you get your protein?’ Recipes include smoky tomato dahl, three flavours of hummus, black bean chilli, and split pea soup. We’ll sample some of my favourite vege sausages and meat substitutes.

Week 2 will cover Tofu and tempeh – what they are and how best to use them. Recipes include cashew ricotta, baked tofu chunks, tempeh kebabs, tempeh bacon, and chocolate mousse. We’ll sample some of the ready-marinated tofu products available.

Week 3 will look at Greens and grains – the basis of a truly affordable and healthy vegan diet. I’ll introduce some slightly unusual grains and talk about how to incorporate greens into lots of dishes. Recipes will include mushroom barley risotto with kale, quinoa with black beans and persimmon, millet croquettes with parsley and coriander, and nutty brown rice salad with purple cabbage.

Week 4 will be devoted to Scrumptious salads – recipes that will make you want to eat more salad, more often! Recipes will include sweetcorn, aduki bean and olive salad served in a wrap with carrot-cumin spread, spinach, orange and toasted pumpkin seed salad served in rice paper wraps, colourful edamame (fresh soybean) salad, and a couple of luscious salad dressings: creamy tahini sauce, and strawberry vinaigrette.

$60.00 for 4 weeks. Limited places. Please register with Hana:

Also in Angel Food news: they have recently added to their range of imported vegan treats! Check out soy cream and parmesan replacer at SAFE (and let me know what you think – I haven’t tried either yet).

2 thoughts on “Vegan cooking classes!

  1. Hi Hana,

    My friend and i are hoping to do tbe vegan cooking class starting 30th April. Are there still spits available ?



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