The best vegan brunch in Auckland

the best vegan brunch in auckland

I think I’ve alluded to Revel’s Beans on Toast in previous posts, but haven’t specifically elaborated.

Beans on Toast is my favourite thing to have for brunch. It’s:

  • a few different sorts of beans in a tomato-based sauce
  • toasted nuts (including hazelnuts!)
  • avocado
  • finely chopped sundried tomatoes
  • basil pesto
  • some toast
  • delicious

Best enjoyed with coffee and friendly company.

Portion sizes vary between sensible-yet-generous and way-too-many-beans. Today’s helping was pretty large, and I wasn’t feeling like a little pink-iced hazelnut cake for dessert. But, here are a couple more cupcakes from Revel I have enjoyed lately:


Hazelnut with raspberry mousse – a variant on the coffee creme one that is still my favourite yet. The raspberry flavour was delicious, but slightly less delicious than the coffee.

maple walnut cupcake

Maple walnut – sweet and sticky like a syrup-drenched pancake. Yum, but a little too much for me – if I got this again it would be to share with a friend.

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