SAFE shoes

the gender binary in vegan shoes

One place to find vegan shoes in Auckland is the SAFE shop. It’s no Moo Shoes, but it’s more exciting than no vegan shoe outlet.

They stock a small range of shoes from Vegan Wares in Melbourne, who make good quality synthetic microfibre shoes in the fake-leather style. I bought some work shoes from the Melbourne shop recently, and have a pair of boots that have lasted a few years now. Their styling is plain and practical, and sometimes cute. SAFE has a few styles in a few sizes, and can order in others.

SAFE also stocks Blackspot sneakers and boots from Adbusters – they’re chuck-style sneakers, with a big white spot on the side & a Situationist quote on the insole. They’re organic hemp & made in a unionised factory in Portugal. My Blackspots have lasted about a year and will need replacing soon – the soles are okay but the fabric has split on the side of the shoes. Unfortunately, they’re way more expensive than they were a year ago because of the ailing economy.

2 thoughts on “SAFE shoes

  1. Thanks, I hadn’t seen that site. I know there are lots of vegan shoe websites online, but postage to New Zealand tends to be prohibitive.

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