Shoe news

Right after my last post, I had an email from SAFE to say that they’ve just stocked Etiko shoes: white sneakers and green hightops. As well as not containing animal parts, Etiko shoes are made in a worker-owned factory in Pakistan under certified Fair Trade conditions, out of certified organic bits.

Check out pictures on the Etiko site.

3 thoughts on “Shoe news

  1. I like your blog. Is there anywhere else in Auckland that sells relatively fashionable non-leather shoes? (I’m thinking about the male dress shoe…) Thanks!

  2. Hi Jonathan, I’m glad you like the blog! SAFE does have some men’s dress shoes from Vegan Wares (and they can probably order in different styles for you). I don’t know of any other places that sell non-leather men’s dress shoes in Auckland (other than cheap plastic made-in-China ones at The Warehouse & such). Let me know if you find any good sources.

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