Kokako customer survey

If you visit Kokako café, you might like to fill out their customer survey. Among other things, they want to know how important vegan options are to their customers, and whether they should introduce organic meat to the menu.

Mike says:

As you are probably aware I am constantly striving to improve the experience at Kokako Café in Parnell.

Therefore as a valued customer I would greatly appreciate you taking five minutes out of your day to fill in this questionnaire. Just click on the link below and feel free to pass it on to any friends, family or colleagues who also frequent the café.

Your response will not record your identity so please don’t hesitate to ‘tell it how it is’ with your answers. Responses will be collected to determine what else we can be doing to provide an exceptional café experience.

Thanks again for your support – without your custom & encouragement we would not have the café I am so proud of!

2 thoughts on “Kokako customer survey

  1. Aaaah yes I remember when Kokako first opened – they had heaps of great vegan stuff! But ive dropped off now too – for the same reasons you say, the staff look at you weird when you ask for any vegan options, and the options are very few!
    Does nobody in this town know how to make vegan mayo, how to buy a pack of cheezley, how to make vegan sausage rolls?
    Its not that hard!

    I was horrified when the banana bread even stopped being vegan! but last time I went it was vegan again, who knows what will happen next!

  2. I think they’ve actually improved again since the customer survey – I talked to the owner & he said he’d had “a lot of feedback from the vegan community”!

    I had very good baked beans on toast there this morning, and have been enjoying the banana bread lately. But still – lots of unnecessary cheese in things, generally.

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