Humm food


I first found Lärabars a few years ago at Earth Seed in Glen Eden. They were a new thing in the snack section, one of several fruit bar options. I was impressed that they were labelled as vegan and suitable for practically every special dietary requirement (other than nut allergies), but wasn’t expecting much in terms of taste.

But it turns out, they’re quite delicious! I’ve tried quite a few flavours, and my favourite so far is Pecan Pie. All it contains are dates, pecans and almonds, but the whole is somehow way more impressive than the sum of the parts.

The only varieties I’m less than excited about are the “Jocalat” chocolate range. They’re pretty nice in their own right, but if you’re expecting them to taste like a chocolate bar you’ll probably be disappointed.

I picked up a couple of Pecan Pie bars today from the SAFE shop. I also saw Lärabars at the supermarket at Lynnmall last week, so it seems they’re becoming more widely available.

The title of this entry is from the Lärabar philosophy & describes foods that “resonate with energy in a whole, natural state”.

UPDATE FEB 2011: Apparently Lärabars are no longer being imported into New Zealand.

5 thoughts on “Humm food

  1. Wow yum, thanks for all the tip off at Lynn mall! They must have someone rad working there because they sell the Sweet William bars too!

  2. I found them at the New World in Freemans Bay too (in one of the checkout aisles) after a tipoff from my chiro. I love how there are so few ingredients in them and what is there is, well, so simple.

  3. I agree Larabars rule! My friend put me on to them – her boyfriend is alergic to dairy. I was thinking larabars would be a great thing for cafes to sell – then special needs people could buy something to eat when everyone else is eating egg and dairy cake 🙂 Does anyone have any tips for introducing food to cafes? Should I just take a sample in to my local favourites?

  4. Jody, that’s a great idea! I don’t have any special tips, I guess just take in some samples and talk to them about all the different special dietary requirements that are covered by one snack.

    Clovenhoof, I’ve never seen lemon! I can imaging it would be pretty good.

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