On unnecessary indulgence

coconut cream cupcake

I’ve said before that vegan treats are relatively rare in this town. One effect of this is that when I find a new vegan thing, my impulse is to try it while it’s going, even if it’s not really what I feel like eating. This is only exacerbated by the amateur journalistic sense that all this blogging about the latest in sweet vegan goodness is somehow benefitting the greater good.

So I wasn’t totally feeling the need for a coconut cream cupcake from Revel today, but thought they looked beautiful & they weren’t a variety I’d seen before, so it seemed necessary to try one and report back.

One defining feature of this cupcake was the difficulty in eating it. It came in a paper case, but the cake itself was firmly stuck to the paper. A combination of cake fork and fingers was required to liberate it, which wasn’t the tidiest eating process.

Besides being sticky, the cakey part was really dense and sweet – it tasted a bit like the maple syrup cupcakes of a few weeks ago. The filling was plentiful, thick and mousse-like, topped with shredded coconut. Overall, it was a delicious sugary thing, the sort of cupcake that would surprise omnivores with its lack of animal products.

So it was a little sweet for my tastes, and I’m not sure I strictly needed it, but I can confidently report that it was pretty good.

I’d say the same of last weekend’s sweet treat from Revel – a vegan yoyo. This consisted of two crumbly, nutty biscuits, stuck together with creamy icing and topped with melted chocolate. Good stuff.

vegan yoyo

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