Fake meat in the city

fake pork

I hadn’t been to Sunflower on High Street since it had changed its name, but visited last weekend with friends. It’s a Chinese vegetarian restaurant, heavy on mock meat and mostly vegan. I’m glad there is a range of vegetarian places in this city, and this place has lots of regulars, but it isn’t a personal favourite.


  • Big varied menu and tasty food. This time, I sampled: chilli wontons, fried noodles with “chicken”, crispy fried “pork”. All were good.
  • Endless free tea.
  • Casual and accommodating. It’s the sort of place where you could comfortably sit around for as long as you wanted to.


  • Somewhat vague service. E.g. a dining companion had ordered “chicken” nuggets, they didn’t arrive with dinner, he went and asked where they were, and they said oh, yeah, they had run out. (We didn’t call 911…)
  • B food hygiene rating. This is usually an immediate dealbreaker for me, but I will sometimes cut vegetarian places a bit of slack on the basis that they’re probably not full of salmonella. But still.
  • Gross Westies making out in the corner.

Don’t let me put you off, I’m glad this place exists, it just isn’t my favourite.

5 thoughts on “Fake meat in the city

  1. Oh, how we dream of eating at a vegetarian/vegan restaurant, which isn’t our favourite! Here in central France we haven’t any places to eat! We were in Auckland 7 years ago, and were impressed by the selection of good places to eat – you are soooooo lucky!

  2. You’re right, I am very lucky! When I started this blog I was feeling grumpy about lack of food options in Auckland, but actually they’re all over the place, I just hadn’t been paying attention. This blog is helping me appreciate the selection.

  3. I used to love this place! But last time I went (under new owners) service was really slow then they set our table on fire with the steam boat equipment. Huge flames, burning napkins, etc. 😦

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