More on vegan cupcakes in Auckland

#27 of 365 - giant cupcakes

#27 of 365 – giant cupcakes – originally uploaded by City the NZ Cupcake Queen

I mentioned that I tried one of City’s new vegan cupcakes at the last Kraftbomb market.

She just wrote a guest post on All Things Cupcake about going vegan and transitioning to vegan baking! The interview includes her recommendations for vegan cupcake recipes, local places to find cupcakes and ingredients, and local vegans who love cupcakes.

It’s really exciting to see a local cupcake business turning vegan – I’m looking forward to trying more of City’s creations. She sells them at the Kraftbomb market in Grey Lynn, on the last Sunday of every month at the Grey Lynn Community Centre, 510 Richmond Road, Grey Lynn. 11am – 2pm.

3 thoughts on “More on vegan cupcakes in Auckland

  1. Hey Moira. Thanks so much for blogging about my vegan cupcakes and my All Things Cupcake blog post 🙂

    I am so sorry, I meant to shoot you and Ginny an email to let you know I was doing the blog and mentioning you (and popping your photo in!) but you found it anyway 🙂 I’m in my last week of uni assessments and emailing seems to be the first thing to have been overlooked!

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