M week at Revive

Revive has declared this week to be M week, in celebration of people whose names begin with M (because we’re awesome).

If you, too, have an M name, you can print out this voucher, present it with ID confirming that your name starts with M, and get $4.50 off lunch or dinner. The voucher is valid until 1 May 2009. Edited: I’ve now removed this voucher as it’s out of date.

The Revive website has details about joining their mailing list – they send out different vouchers every week, as well as weekly menus, vegetarian recipes and enthusiastic tips about leading a halthy lifestyle. I’m just guessing, but you might want to get in on the action soon if your name starts in the second half of the alphabet…

More details about the deal:


This week we are celebrating people who have a first name starting with “M”. Attached is a special voucher for you!

Please print the attached voucher and bring it in with ID (eftpos or credit card is fine for ID) to receive $4.50 off! You can use it multiple times as long as you have a printout each time use it only once per day.

Note: if you have any friends or colleagues whose first name starts with “M” make sure you send to them too – they can use it as well as long as they bring a printed voucher and some ID showing their Christian name starts with “M”.

Vitally Yours

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