Auckland vegan in Sydney

vegetables for breakfast

I mentioned that I’ve been busy lately – one reason is that I went to Sydney for a conference, and had lots of organising to do beforehand & afterwards. The biggest vegan highlight of the trip was brunch at Naked Espresso in Newtown.

vegan feast

Naked Espresso is an all-vegan weekend-only brunch café in Newtown. The menu covers all kinds of brunch options – from a hangover-cure-style fake meat fryup to buckwheat pancakes with strawberries. Their espresso machine is Bonsoy-only and has never been near dairy products. There’s also a dessert menu, including cakes and vegan affogato! Everything is vegan, and there are quite a few gluten-free options on the menu.

The place was packed when I arrived, and I ended up sharing a table with two beautiful strangers and talking for hours about veganism, travel & information access for blind people. I had a couple of excellent flat whites, the Aussie feast (smoked tofu, mushrooms, hash browns, homemade baked beans, wilted spinach, fried tomatoes, toast & Nuttelex) and a classic bakery-style custard square. The food was excellent, & I’ll definitely visit again next time I’m in Sydney on a weekend.

Naked Espresso shares the same premises as Basil Pizza, a vegan-friendly pizza that operates by night & also looks worthwhile.

happy coffee

I found this place through a mention on Drossolalia, which you should check out if you’re vegan in Sydney or thinking of visiting (or if you enjoy pictures of vegan cupcakes).

More Naked Espresso hype from the internets:

Naked Espresso is at 126 King Street, Newtown and is open 9am-1pm Saturdays and Sundays. Basil Pizza is in the same place, at night.

Other notable vegan food on this trip was found at:

  • Iku Wholefood, which is all vegan all the time, as well as healthy and tasty. There are quite a few Iku outlets around Sydney. This visit I went to the Oxford Street Iku and took away: a tofu pocket, a slice of chocolate pie with soy cream, & a mini vanilla friand. In the past, I’ve also enjoyed their black rice pudding.
  • Mother Chu’s Vegetarian Kitchen, where a big group of us went for a Chinese vegan feast. Highlights for me were salt and pepper tofu, avocado & sweetcorn soup, and tempeh stirfry with greens & walnuts. Mama Chu’s is at 367 Pitt Street in central Sydney, and is open Monday to Saturday for lunch and dinner.

4 thoughts on “Auckland vegan in Sydney

  1. & I didn’t get a chance to try it out, because by the time I got to dessert I’d had too much of their excellent coffee already! Hope there is still vegan affogato to be had next time I’m in town.

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