Il Buco

flat pizza

My favourite vegan pizza in Auckland is at Il Buco on Ponsonby Road.


v for vegan

Il Buco sells pizza by the rectangular slice, and vegan slices are labelled with a V. They’re cheeseless, but involve plenty of good-quality oil so aren’t at all dry. The two slices I had the other day were:



1. Ortolana: tomato, potato, courgette, onion, capsicum, oregano.


potato pizza

2. Patate: thinly sliced potato with rosemary


soy flat white

As well as the pizza slices, the coffee is pretty good.

Il Buco is at 113 Ponsonby Road, and is open Monday to Saturday. Edited to add: From early 2013 or so, Il Buco has been open seven days a week. Check their website for details.

6 thoughts on “Il Buco

  1. I love your blog! I stumbled across it while searching for places to shop for vegan ingredients in Auckland. You have gone straight on to my reading list. 🙂

  2. Oh I looove Il Buco too! The fungi pizza is my fave. I’m definitely heading there when I pop up to Auckland in a few weeks!

  3. Thanks Samantha! Glad you like it. If you have questions about where to find a particular vegan thing in Auckland, let me know & I can write about it or ask readers for their suggestions.

    Ginny, I love the fungi pizza too! They didn’t have any when I last visited.

  4. This looks like Sicilian-style pizza, many iterations of which are naturally vegan. So that’s nice.

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