Cake at Golden Age

cake at golden age

Golden Age is an all-vegan restaurant in central Auckland, at 61 Victoria Street West opposite the Sky Tower. It’s various Asian food – a fair amount of fake meat – the menu is on their website.

I went there for cake after dinner with Kat – pictured are chocolate cake, lemon cake & pumpkin pudding. I also had a soy flat white, which was okay.

I haven’t eaten an actual meal there, but some people on Happy Cow have & are positive.

7 thoughts on “Cake at Golden Age

  1. Yes, the food at Golden Age is fandoodlytastic! I think their cake is their weak point. The meals are fresh and tasty and cheap and absolutely bursting with flavour. Ummm, I guess what I’m trying to say is you should go there ASAP and eat a meal!!

  2. The problem with happy cow is that they take down negative reviews quite frequently, based upon things like “The business owner read it, note to make corrections/changes, and requested for it to be removed.”

    Of course business owners want negative reviews about their store removed. Happy Cow has an automatic rose colored glasses effect for all places veg in nature.

    I’m just saying don’t expect to see many reviews for veg places on happy cow that are generally negative, even if multiple people have made such a review.

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