Reader question: seitan and nutritional yeast?

Ingrid asked:

I was wondering if you knew where to find seitan here in NZ, and also nutritional yeast. The big health store here didn’t know what I was talking about when I asked them!

I wasn’t sure, so I asked Twitter. Thanks to @starlajo, @letsgetradical & @heymilly for suggestions.

Nutritional yeast: Huckleberry Farms, Wise Cicada & New World Victoria Park were all suggested, and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it at other supermarkets and natural/organic food shops. Try looking for “savoury yeast flakes” rather than nutritional yeast. Wikipedia also claims that New Zealanders call it “Brufax”, but it’s never had that name in my family.

Seitan: Jo says she’s seen flavoured seitan at The Tofu Shop.

Good luck! Feel free to comment, email or Twitter message me if you have questions about sourcing vegan things in Auckland, and I’ll try to answer here.

14 thoughts on “Reader question: seitan and nutritional yeast?

  1. They have seitan at Huckleberry Farms and Harvest Wholefoods – it’s in the chilled section with the tofu and tempeh products. Can’t say I liked it when I tried it though!

  2. Hey Auckland Vegan! I’m a fellow vegan Aucklander living now in Melbourne. Just wanted to let you know I’m enjoying your vegan blog in Auckland – I have only been vegan since I left, so it’s interesting to hear about how my green hometown is keeping up with loving the planet!

  3. Thanks Niki! Auckland has nothing on Melbourne for vegan options (I’ve been meaning to compile a big post about all the delicious things I’ve found in your new city) but it’s getting better all the time.

  4. Countdown Supermarkets sell Fry’s Vegetarian seitan steaks and sausages. Fry’s are South African company – they’ve given seitan the tradename Protam, I guess to try to differentiate their product.

    In Nelson, my friend Jo is making a range of seitan sausages and steaks and other vegan/vegetarian products for sale. Email her at

  5. Thanks for the tips!

    The SAFE shop in Auckland has Fry’s products too.

    My understanding is that Protam is not quite the same as seitan – it’s wheat-&-soy-derived and prepared by some mysterious (maybe patented?) process.

    From their website: “Protam H is the method developed especially for Fry’s by which conventional wheat and soya proteins are prepared in order to optimise food value, flavour and texture.”

    I’ve heard really good things about the products from vegetarian and vegan friends, but can’t personally vouch for them. I find the concept of eating a mystery protein (made by science!?) a bit creepy. I know it’s vegan (it’s been certified by various organisations) but if I don’t know what a food actually IS, I’m not likely to eat it. But your food ideals may vary & I know lots of people like them.

  6. Hi there,

    Savoury (nutritional) yeast is available everywhere. Any bin inn will have it, Pak n save royal oak has it usually in their bulk bins, healtheries makes it and you can find that in any food town and then healtheries also sells gluten flour if you want to make your own seitan.

    Also for those curious, Fry’s is the best. We have fed their sausages, sausage rolls and burgers (chicken and regular) to meat eaters and they didn’t know it was vegetarian. The mince is a bit crappy so stick with the sausages and burgers. The schnitzel is great in burgers too if you want something that’s really filling. For our burgers we love getting the burgers, adding almond butter, mustard and tomato to the bun with all the fixins…ah…

    To make sausage rolls it’s cheaper to just buy the individual sausages and then buy some new way puff pastry. Tastes the same as the made up stuff.

    1. Hi All,
      A bit of additional information regarding seitan products. A friend of mine (a vegetarian and chef) has just started a business in Nelson making range of seitan (wheat protein) based grain-meats, as they are called in the US. Her business is name Plantein-Cuisine, and the website address is I’ve tried the Fry’s range myself, and while they are good, and without wanting to denigrate the Fry’s range, they taste bland beside the Plantein-Cuisine offerings. Check out Jo’s webpage.

  7. P.s., I love how you’re getting ads on your blog for snapper, butter and other meaty things. Stupid google.

  8. yes it is called brufax. we had it as kids. It came in a tin and we sprinkled it on sandwiches. Am trying to find who sells it now

    1. Every health food shop seems to have it – I haven’t seen the name “Brufax” used recently, usually it’s labelled “savoury yeast flakes” or “nutritional yeast”. We usually get ours from Bulk Savings on Dominion Road.

  9. I used to manufactures witan for harvest whole foods many years ago. It is easy and fun to make at home play dough for grown ups ha ha no special equipment needed a big bowl lots of water and your very clean hands the dough is bread flour and water well kneaded to develop the gluten. The final boil up in a highly flavoured broth of onions soy etc is simple

  10. We had Brufax when I was growing up. LOVED this stuff. We sprinkled it on hot toast and melted butter or made a paste with Brufax and butter and spread it on fresh crunchy bread. SOOOOO good!!!

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