Milk alternatives

cupcake and the news

A quick piece of coffee news: Revel now has oat and rice milks for coffee (Vitasoy brand), as well as soy milk. I had an oat milk flat white the other day, and enjoyed it. It was less sweet & creamy than soy milk, kind of earthier. I’m not instantly converted, but would try again.

Check out my Revel tag on Flickr for an array of recent cupcakes. The selection has been great, lately.

8 thoughts on “Milk alternatives

  1. Hi Moira

    Myself and my cousin Kellie have just opened up a new cafe called COSSET at 1087 New North Rd Mt Albert, and the best thing that almost everyone doesn’t know about us is that we are ALL VEGAN!! Cakes, slices, Breakfasts, Lunches……
    It’s about time we had more choice in Auckland we think.

    Great blog btw


  2. Hi Moira,
    I wanted to get in touch to see if you’d be interested in entering our competition to find New Zealand’s Top Food Blogger? The prize includes tickets to see Rick Stein on his tour of NZ, your blog entry published in the program – and so read by hundreds of foodies – plus loads of Rick Stein goodies. It’s all about blogging about your ultimate New Zealand dish, I’d be really interested to read a vegan take on the challenge! Bit too many details to post here, but please email and I’ll send you all the details if you’re interested.
    Best wishes,

  3. hi moira!! I write a vegan blog for Melbourne… was glad to find your blog I’m on my way to Auckland on Thursday… look forward to checking out quite a few places!!

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