It’s true, vegans love customer service

Guess which vegan he’s talking about? Unless this has happened more than once, that complainey vegan customer was me, and the gelato place in question was Giapo, in Queen Street.

In November last year, I was in town with my sister and we stopped into Giapo to try their offerings. Their sorbet is labelled as vegan, and @Giapo had even contacted me through Twitter to suggest I should check it out. I ordered a little tub of organic strawberry and blueberry, and was enjoying it until I came across a couple of globs of dairy gelato in the middle. Unimpressed, I complained to the staff who didn’t seem to understand what I was talking about, & I left thinking, huh, I guess I won’t be “liking” them on Facebook after all.

So I messaged them on Twitter to express my displeasure, and had a super helpful response. They apologised and posted me some vouchers for free sorbet, but they also changed how the tubs are configured so that spoons wouldn’t be shared between the sorbet and gelato, so this wouldn’t happen again!

So it’s true, I am a happy customer, and I’m really impressed that they turned my complaint into feedback for constructive improvement. Thanks Giapo!

giapo's room

Blueberry sorbet might be my favourite so far, but Giapo also have an ever-rotating selection of flavours I haven’t tried yet, like organic banana, cocoa, Red Bull & Vodka, & aloe vera.

7 thoughts on “It’s true, vegans love customer service

  1. Looking forward to trying it! Have you had Kohu Road’s chocolate sorbet? I just tried it for the first time yesterday, and love it. I wonder if it’s similar at all…

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