Combustion Tofu also back

Another vegan classic that’s recently returned to Auckland menus is the Combustion Tofu burger at Burgerfuel. Some time in late 2008, it was removed from the menu, prompting a Facebook protest group & general vegetarian outrage.

But, it’s back! It’s not being sold at all locations, but I had one in Parnell recently. In its previous incarnation, there was some question about whether the tofu had some bee products in the marinade. Now that it’s back, the tofu is definitely vegan. By default, the Combustion Tofu comes with aioli, but that’s the only non-vegan ingredient & you can order it without.

Burgerfuel’s other three vegetarian burger options can all be made vegan as well – I’m quite fond of the V8 Vegan for instance. Other vegan things on the menu include potato (‘spud’) and kūmara fries, and six flavours of soy milkshake.

Another happy vegan review of Burgerfuel is on “new zealand or bust”.

Like Hell Pizza, Burgerfuel is a local fancy takeaway place made good, which has successfully spread all over the place. This means that you can find vegan burgers, fries and soy milkshakes in suburbs all over Auckland. Last week I updated the Auckland Vegan Google map with Burgerfuel’s Auckland locations, as well as a few other places. Let me know if your favourite local vegan-friendly place is missing from the map!

3 thoughts on “Combustion Tofu also back

  1. Some of the vegetarian burgers have eggs in the patty; they’ve told me that only the V8 and Tofu can be made purely vegan.

  2. And I recently asked Burgerfuel which burgers could be made vegan and they told me only the V8 is vegan – the others BOTH contain egg in the patty 😦

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