More things I meant to tell you about

This is the second in a series of catch-up posts from the last year in vegan eating.


black rice breakfast

1. Last December, I went to Jafa in Grey Lynn for breakfast with friends. Jafa has a couple of vegan options marked on their menu – my breakfast was black sticky rice with coconut milk and fresh fruit. I haven’t actually been back again since that first visit, but have been craving that breakfast periodically ever since. Coffee was also excellent – strong and well made, marred only by the waiter’s insistence on referring to it as a “flattie” (ugh, effing Aucklander).

For out-of-towners: Wikipedia explains that “Jafa is a slang term (usually offensive) for a resident of Auckland, New Zealand. It is the acronym for Just Another Fucking Aucklander.”


Stack of food

2. In the late nineties/ early two thousandsies, Roasted Addiqtion in Kingsland was an exciting place for an almost-vegan vegetarian to go for brunch. There were a couple of delicious vegan things on the menu to choose from, and really great coffee. Over time, the Tofu Scramble and Tempeh Florentine merged and shrank to become the Tofu Florentine, an unfortunate shadow of its former self. The Florentine I ate last December was fairly flavourless and a bit greasy for my liking, with its combination of deep-fried tofu, fried capsicum and hash brown.

The breakfast menu on Roasted Addiqtion’s website says they now have a vegan baked beans option – might be worth a try.


SAFE treats

3. You know about the SAFE shop, but if I’d been posting regularly over the last year, I would have mentioned that they’re now stocking Tofutti products, including baby ice cream sandwich Cuties! My favourite of the Tofutti icecreams I’ve tried is Better Pecan.

You can now buy most products from the SAFE shop
online. They also have a Facebook page for you to keep up with what’s new in store, and a brand new blog.


Dinner at Hectors

4. Hectors Restaurant, in the CBD, has a full vegan menu (PDF), which has recently expanded. Hectors is in a central atrium of the Heritage Auckland hotel, a restored historic building which was once the Farmers department store.

I organised a conference at the Heritage earlier this year, and was really impressed with their vegan lunch catering and room service, as well.



5. C.A.C. Bar & Eatery lives in the old Colonial Ammunition Company building in Mount Eden. Its food menu is all about little plates of deliciousness that you can share with friends. The menu labels things that are vegetarian and dairy-free, and staff are helpful with clarifying which things are vegan. I’ve eaten there a few times and would recommend it.

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