Organic raw vegan sorbet

For a special Friday evening post-$3-Japan-shop treat, I had a cup of Giapo sorbet: cocoa and blueberry.

I’d heard great things about the cocoa sorbet, and they were all true! It’s rich, smooth and bittersweet, like eating frozen dark chocolate. It’s a similar thing to Kohu Road‘s chocolate sorbet that I tried recently. I’m not sure which is my favourite – will have to sample them together sometime.

Giapo’s cocoa sorbet is raw as well as vegan. Gianpaolo has written about the process of developing it and the health benefits of cocoa.

The blueberry sorbet was also delicious. Giapo uses blueberries from Omaha Organic Berries. The video below tracks the blueberries from farm to sorbet tub. It’s part of a series of YouTube Videos telling the stories of the ingredients used in Giapo’s gelato and sorbet.


One thought on “Organic raw vegan sorbet

  1. I have the Kohu Road chocolate sorbet in my freezer right now but somehow I resisted eating it last night when I brought it home! But I’m glad you liked the Giapo one. I’ll walk a fair distance to eat that one!

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