It’s Vegan MoFo!

Vegan Month of Food

It’s November, and that means it’s Vegan MoFo, the vegan month of food where vegan bloggers all over the world write as much as they possibly can about food. It was inspired by NaNoWriMo (which is how I spent my November 2001, incidentally). More about the purpose behind Vegan MoFo is on its website. More than 500 blogs have signed up this year, from all over the world and in at least 10 different languages.

This year, I’m participating in the MoFo for the first time. I’m going to post as much as I can all month about vegan food in Auckland (and maybe elsewhere). I have a list of ideas – but if there’s anything you want to hear about from me, or if you have any questions about being vegan in Auckland, please ask!

4 thoughts on “It’s Vegan MoFo!

  1. Isn’t MoFo amazing? This is our first year participating and I’m especially excited to read blogs written outside of the US.

    Happy World Vegan Day & MoFo’ing!

  2. It’s a special thing! I haven’t had a chance to explore other blogs yet from their big list of 500+, but am excited to discover some new ones.

    Happy MoFo to you too!

  3. Happy mofo! My friend Teuila recommended your blog to me and its fantastic! I’m doing Vegan Mofo for the first time (I’ve only just starting blogging) and feeling a bit nervous – I think you are a much more adventurous eater that I am! But looking forward to seeing your recommendations for food around Auckland 🙂

  4. Hi! Great to see another vegan blogger in Auckland. I’m looking forward to seeing what you write about (& trying that muffin you recommend in your most recent post – looks good!) (Wonder if your friend Teuila is the same Teuila I used to work with?)

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