More Auckland vegans online

Nadine just commented on my MoFo post with a link to her new blog about vegan food in Auckland, which reminded me that I’ve seen a few local vegan voices online lately, and it’s about time I linked to some of them.

  • First up, plant life is a new blog about being vegan in New Zealand. Nadine lives in Auckland, and is participating in Vegan MoFo too. She says the best vegan muffin in Auckland is at the Stone Oven Cafe in Devonport, and shares my good feelings about the breakfast options at Revel.
  • The Auckland Raw Vegans group on the Ooooby community site is “for those eating and interested in raw vegan food, green smoothies, recipes and more!” More about Ooooby is to come in a future post – we’ve subscribed to their vegetable boxes and I’m really excited to support their vision of developing local food community.
  • i heart vegan is a blog by two vegans, one of whom lives in Auckland. IKW’s review of Banzai in Dominion Road makes me want to go there for dinner really soon. Vegan Japanese food!
  • Lyn Potter wrote on the 3 News website about what to feed a visiting vegan for afternoon tea. The article includes the recipe for Kokako‘s delicious vegan banana bread!
  • & I’ve posted about it before, but the Auckland Vegans group on Facebook is a good place to find out about local potlucks. There was a World Vegan Day Potluck the other day that I didn’t get round to posting about here.

9 thoughts on “More Auckland vegans online

  1. Wow thanks for the shout out! I’ll have to think of some interesting things to blog about now 🙂 yeah I think its the same Teuila – she used to work at RNZFB doing PR sort of stuff?

  2. I was going to suggest you check out Banzai. S & I tried it for the second time a couple of months ago and I remember thinking of you when I read the menu. Problem was I forgot to return to ask them for more info about what I thought were possibly vegan options.
    It is by Balmoral Shops, opposite Rockfield Rd (The turn you take to go to the parking lot for the warehouse in balmoral).

  3. Have you tried QQ rice? There’s lots of choices for filling and this can be vegan if you choose only veges.

    Only possible problem is if they aren’t careful enough when doing previous customers fillings. so you may end up with bits of other non vege fillings that may have dropped in. For all I know they are very careful about this and now no such things occurs (compared with when they first opened in Balmoral). It was a few doors from Banzai but no longer there.

    If you don’t want to eat there, go observe them making the rice rolls just to see the different types of rice they have. 8)

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