After-work drinks at The Lumsden

small vegan plates
Originally uploaded by moirabot

I met Erin for drinks & snacks at The Lumsden in Newmarket yesterday evening.

Their tapas menu (PDF) includes a few vegan things – we ate shoestring fries, “Firecracker Broccoli” cooked in sweet chilli with toasted almonds, and edamame. All were generously-portioned and tasty.

The Lumsden is on the corner of Khyber Pass and Broadway, on the edge of the newly-redeveloped Lumsden Green. It has a few tables outside which looked like they’d be nice for leisurely lunches, and a range of tables inside with a reasonably unobtrusive sports TV screen, for the after-work Newmarket crowd.

I didn’t have a camera on hand, so the video above was taken with my tiny ipod (thanks E). (Thanks also to Groupy for the cheap date!)

2 thoughts on “After-work drinks at The Lumsden

  1. Oh my God I had the Broccoli there and it is awesome. Spoke to the owner and he shared the recipe with me. Making it at home now. So good! Loved The Lumsden. Great service and the patio is wicked. It’s become my ‘local’. I hear on the grapevine that they are going to be doing Gluten Free pizzas soon. Can’t wait!

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