Chocolate rum ball at Raw Power

raw power

Raw Power is a vegan-friendly café in the city that has been serving all-vegetarian food for more than 10 years. Up a flight of stairs from Vulcan Lane, its window tables look out over the lane and across to Cassette Number Nine.

I haven’t visited for a proper meal in a while, but stopped by for an after-coffee treat last weekend:

chocolate rum ball

The rum ball was just as I had anticipated: boozy and dark, with a crisp outer shell of chocolate and a cakey centre. The café generally was as I remembered it: the same menu has been successful for a few years now.

Raw Power offers lots of choice for vegans – the self-serve salad bar is all vegan and always has a range of fresh, interesting options. You can fill your bowl or takeaway container with as many different things as you feel like, and you’re charged on a sliding scale according to your serving size. Nadine visited Raw Power the other day, and her post demonstrates the art of fitting improbable amounts of salad into one small bowl.

Other options from the wall menu include scrambled tofu, a tofu burger, pasta, soup and sandwiches. The counter displays a range of little sweet treats – when I visited there were melting moments, cakes and their classic date and coconut slice, as well as the rum ball.

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