Treats from The Little Grocer

treats from the little grocer

The weather’s getting nicer, so on Saturday we went on a big bike ride around the city. In Grey Lynn, we stopped at The Little Grocer to check out what was on offer. I bought:

  • One piece of sesame baked tofu, for eating immediately.
  • A package of Ines Rosales Seville Orange Tortas. These are such a special treat. Tortas de Aceite are crispy, fried, sweet flatbreads. Ines Rosales makes two flavours: sweet olive oil and seville orange. The orange ones are flavoured with orange oil and sprinkled with crystallised orange and sugar.
  • Lightly salted Golden Roasted Chickpeas from Mother Nature. These are a moreish little snack & a good alternative to potato chips.

The Little Grocer is a really sweet place with a good range of vegan treats. Definitely worth a visit if you’re in the area.

8 thoughts on “Treats from The Little Grocer

  1. Ciao Moira, I also live in Auckland, so thank you for the info in your blog! I am a vegetarian, not a vegan, but I mainly cook vegan dinners because in my family we tend to have dairy in the morning (too much sometimes… I am a caffellatte type!).

    I find it hard to find good vegan and vegetarian food in NZ, so I mostly cook at home, I will explore some of the sites you suggest.


  2. Thanks everyone!

    Jo – I’ve been planning a proper trip to Sabato soon to see what else they have. & hazelnut and chocolate is one of my favourite flavour combinations. Hoping…

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