Little b

little b

Little b is a fairly new café run by Barista Empire, the micro-roasters and proprietors of Ben espresso in Fort Street.

It’s on Cross Street, in the Ironbank building that connects with K Road. We visited recently for coffee, and asked about the salads in the cabinet. Two of three were vegan: a brown rice one, and pumpkin & chickpea.

salads at little b

I didn’t try the salads this time as we were visiting around breakfast time, but both looked fresh and delicious. Food is prepared at Little b both for its own cabinet and for Ben, so staff can easily answer questions about what’s in things.

I can confirm that the coffee was excellent, but I’ll have to visit again soon and report back on the food.

4 thoughts on “Little b

  1. That’s promising, I mean I like coffee (mainly the light ones like mocha) but considering reducing milk-drinking as much as possible but I don’t really want to give up my habit of sipping a good coffee in the morning 🙂 And I heard yesterday that Little b serves heavenly soy milk cappuccino! Is it really true?

  2. Thanks Moira. Soy and other “milk” drinks are not foreign for me. I like rice and oat ones too so I hope I don’t have unreal expectations about their coffee! I’ll try it as soon as I can (if it’s not for the raining I would have a pleasant walk now :))

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