Local tofu scramble

new zealand tofu

Continuing on the trendy locavore theme, I wanted to write about another product I was excited to find at New World College Hill a while ago: local tofu!

The Soy Works is the first tofu manufacturer in this country to use only New Zealand grown soybeans in its products. Their plain firm tofu is made with beans grown in Motueka. It’s firm-style, like the Bean Supreme kind that is more widely available at supermarkets, and is good for all the same kinds of things: baking, frying, scrambling, or marinating and throwing on a barbeque.

When I was sick recently, Erin made me tofu scramble for breakfast, with beans and soy chorizo. Like so:

tofu scramble with vegan chorizo

Tofu Scramble with Beans and Soy Chorizo

The tofu scramble was the PPK recipe, without the mushrooms. Towards the end of cooking, stir in a drained can of four-bean mix.

Then stir in some soy chorizo. Erin used the “Breakfast Veggie Chorizo” recipe on this forum site, except with 2 teaspoons of chilli powder (from Trade Aid) instead of the 2Tbsp of ancho chile listed, and a longer cooking time.

3 thoughts on “Local tofu scramble

  1. I really like this particular brand of tofu, not just because it’s local. I first discovered it down in Christchurch where they have a few other local soy/tofu products too which is cool.

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