MoFo round-up

It’s the end of my first MoFo, and I have thoughts to share!

To start with, some facts & figures:

  • I’d aimed to try and post once every day, but sickness and travel meant that I only managed 22 posts.
  • It was the blog’s busiest month since I started writing here – I had almost twice as many visits as any other month.
  • By far the most popular post was about BurgerFuel’s Motobites. Vegans love junk food options!
  • I was one of two New Zealand MoFos – the other was plant life – it was great discovering Nadine’s blog and reading her recommendations which sometimes paralleled mine.
  • My favourite new food discovery of the month was a cross between the off-menu deliciousness of brunch at Queenie’s and the delicious convenience of delivery from Soul Thai.

I really enjoyed participating in MoFo, and got more from it that I had expected to. It got me back into a pattern of regular blogging, and got me excited about hunting out unexpected vegan options and trying new things so I could share them with you. It also got me thinking about what’s next – how else this blog & my time might be useful in making veganism an accessible, mainstream choice. I’m thinking a lot about outreach to businesses, connecting community & making things happen.

Making lists of the posts I wanted to write made me realise, again, how much choice there is for vegans in Auckland and how this is improving all the time. When I started this blog, I expected that I’d write about the cupcakes at Revel and the latest things at the SAFE shop, and would run out of things to say in a couple of months. It turns out that there are enough new and exciting things to eat all the time to fill a month of daily posts and still have things to say.

Blogging so regularly also made me pay attention to the craft of food writing a little more: how I overuse certain words, how I need to be selective in unpacking my adjectives, how I like to write long, planned, detailed posts sometimes as well as short simple recommendations.

So it’s likely you can expect fewer posts in December, but I still have so many things to tell you, and I’m sure I’ll find more.

Here were all the other things I meant to write about in November: (fresh spring rolls at Hotel de Brett and how to make your own at home: now posted), my new Auckland Vegan action platform on (join and help make stuff happen!), food in Hamilton and Wellington (vegan road trip!), fancy things from Sabato, borrowing vegan books from Auckland Libraries & cooking from them (gluten-free johnnycakes with fresh berries!), tapas at Bellota, Spacebar sausage sticks from Angel Food, (vegan brunch options at Alleluya: now posted), (the vegetarian menu at Mezze Bar: now posted), things on sticks at Tanuki’s Cave, the Gluten Free Grocer, events happening at Cosset and older things: homemade tempeh bacon and tofurkey (& how I have awesome friends & the best girlfriend ever), travel updates from the US and Melbourne, Mexicali, Lush, how to run a vegan-friendly business.

So much to say. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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