Summer’s new best friend

nice blocks

Approaching the front entrance of the Aotea Centre for the Auckland Art & Craft Fair, we saw a cheerful little orange cart with hand-chalked signage. Nice Blocks? Huh, wonder what they’re about. Wait, IT SAYS VEGAN!

We needed no further encouragement, and bowled over to introduce ourselves and find out about their vegan offerings.

Nice Blocks is a new artisan iceblock company that makes dessert treats by hand from local, seasonal fruit, fair trade dark chocolate and other good things. Everything they make is vegan as well as gluten free. The owners themselves aren’t vegan, but they started off making vegan-friendly iceblocks, and realised it would be easy to keep everything that way. Their range of chocolate fudgesicals (which were sold out by the time I was ready to try a second Block) are made with coconut milk. This time around, we tried tangelo & lemonade and strawberry & lemonade. Both were quite lovely – fresh and refreshing, and not too sweet.

Tommy & James are based in Pt Chev, and say that Facebook is the best way to keep up with the whereabouts of their cart. The Facebook page says they’ll be announcing a couple of local stockists soon.

a strawberry lemonade niceblock

Full disclosure: responding to our amateur journalistic enthusiasm, Tommy & James gave us two blocks to try for free! But I would & will buy my own in future, and my excitement about this addition to Auckland’s summer is for reals.

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