Baghdad Eggs, without eggs

baghdad eggs with no eggs

It’s the last week of work for the year, so my team met early this morning for a celebratory breakfast. I wasn’t sure what to expect as I’d walked past Urban Café lots of times, near the bottom of Carlton Gore Road in Newmarket, but had never ventured inside. The online menu didn’t seem to have anything specifically vegan, but there were lots of vegetarian options and sides, so it looked like I could negotiate something.

It turned out there was a simple solution: I had “Baghdad Eggs”, without eggs. The vegan-style Baghdad breakfast was toasted Turkish bread topped with spicy brown lentils, tomato kusundi, fresh coriander, and generous big slices of avocado where the eggs would have been.

Lentils were a great dimension to the meal, and I loved the unusual combination of breakfast flavours. Would definitely eat again.

3 thoughts on “Baghdad Eggs, without eggs

  1. The Takapuna Beachfront Cafe has a really great vegan brunch option with braised lentils too – super yum and comes with spinach and potato rosti, highly recommended! I keep meaning to blog about it, good coffee and views too 🙂

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