Brunch at Alleluya

st kevin's from myer's park

If I’m on K Road in search of brunch, it’s pretty likely I’ll be headed towards Revel. So much so that I hadn’t noticed that one of K Road’s longer-running establishments, Alleluya Café, now has a couple of vegan choices on its breakfast menu.

Being located right next door to the SAFE shop in St Kevin’s Arcade, it shouldn’t be surprising that Alleluya caters for vegans, but I remember being disappointed a few years ago when I last tried ordering their food.


zucchini and mint fritters

The other day when we visited, there were two things marked V for vegan on the menu: Zucchini and Mint Fritters (served on warm quinoa and wilted spinach with a preserved lemon and pinenut dressing – wheat-free as well as vegan) and Bruschetta (lightly toasted italian loaf rubbed with garlic and olive oil, topped with grilled flat mushrooms, fresh greens and a green pea tahina). Both sounded tasty and interesting, but on this visit I ordered the fritters, with a soy flat white.

The fritters were an interesting departure from the more common brunch category of delicious-things-on-toast, and had a nice balance of flavours and textures. The lemon dressing was really special, and worked well with the quinoa and spinach. My coffee (ordered strong) was too weak for my liking, but otherwise not bad. Alleluya’s location has always been its strongest attraction for me – the tables spill out into the middle of the historic shopping arcade and offer great views over the city – so I’m excited that there’s now another reason to visit.

I have all kinds of love for Revel, but it’s nice to have alternatives. (& today I found another in the neighbourhood, but have yet to try it – Verona has a vegan breakfast on its menu that sounds worthwhile).

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