The vegetarian menu at Mezze Bar

mezze bar

Here’s a tip for finding food at the Mezze Bar in the city: instead of peering at the huge blackboard menu behind the counter to decide what might be vegan, just ask to see the vegetarian menu. It turns out they have a paper “vegetarian and vegan” menu, which narrows down the tapas choices to just the plant-based options, and tells you which ones are vegan or veganisable.

patatas bravas

Patatas Bravas (minus aioli) are my favourite of the things I’ve eaten at Mezze Bar. They’re little chunks of potato roasted with paprika, served with rich tomato salsa and fresh coriander on top. Other vegan choices include slow roasted tomatoes with crusty grilled bread, hummus and other dips with bread, turkish lentil soup and grilled mushrooms.

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