Fresh spring rolls at Hotel de Brett (and at home)

fresh spring rolls

A couple of months ago, we stopped for cocktails at Hotel de Brett‘s housebar in the city. We weren’t especially looking for food, but I was drawn to the ‘vietnamese rice paper rolls’ on the food menu – the light, fresh flavours of summer rolls seemed like they’d be a perfect complement to some kind of gin drink.

And so they were – a plate of rolls was very pleasant paired with a saffron rose martini. They were simple, vegan-friendly and made fresh, served with a creamy peanut sauce.

While they were tasty and I would certainly order the rolls again if I was visiting for a cocktail, I’m also a fan of making them at home.

pile of rolls

A big plate of fresh spring rolls is pretty quick to throw together, and really inexpensive. Here’s a pictorial recipe of some rolls we made recently. The recipe contains no quantities because it all depends how many you want to make, and how big your rice paper is. The combination of ingredients was delicious, but some of the fun of making your own rolls comes from experimenting with different things – feel free to improvise.

Fresh spring rolls

First, assemble and prepare your ingredients.


crushed peanuts

Shell some roasted, unsalted peanuts and crush them in a mortar and pestle.


carrots and cucumber

Julienne some carrot and cucumber (removing the seeds).


bean thread

Soak some bean thread in boiling water until soft (we found bean thread at Lim Chhour on K Road, and it’s widely available at Asian supermarkets).


smoked tofu

Slice some baked tofu. This was in our fridge already as leftovers – I think it had been marinaded in tamari, maple syrup, toasted sesame oil and a little bit of liquid smoke, then oven-baked.


mint and coriander

De-stem and roughly chop some fresh mint and coriander leaves.


With fillings prepared, you’re ready to start making rolls.


galettes de riz

The last ingredient in our rolls was the ‘skin’: edible rice paper. Our rice paper sheets also came from Lim Chhour – $1.50 for a big pack.

To prepare them, take one at a time, soak it briefly in hot water until it’s transparent, then take it out, pat off excess water with a paper towel and lay it out flat on a plate.


spring roll in the making

Place some filling on the lower half of the paper, towards the middle.


adding more stuff

Add the rest of the filling.


tuck in the sides

Tuck the sides of the paper inwards over the filling.


flip and roll

Start rolling upwards from the bottom.


rolling up

Keep rolling until your spring roll is spring roll shaped.


first roll

And there you have it, your first fresh spring roll. Repeat a few times, and you’ll have a whole plate.

4 thoughts on “Fresh spring rolls at Hotel de Brett (and at home)

  1. YUM! Hi Moira, I am excited to find a vegan food blogger fro NZ- hello from Wellington! I just started a blog yesterday, NZ in under-represented in this veggie food blog scene.
    Also I just LOVE rice paper rolls, I cut up heaps of ingredients in advance and store the in containers, then I take them to work, where I have a big stash of rice paper and I roll em up at work. I have a pretty alternative job and half the staff are veggie, so this doesn’t make me look half as odd as it might in some other situations 🙂

  2. I have made these and it was awesome, thanks for the idea. I used hummus in my wrap and chopped marinated mushrooms. Extremely filling but light and summery!

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