Breakfast from The Little Grocer

In the neighbourhood for an appointment last week, I stopped at The Little Grocer for a late takeaway breakfast. I had:

vegan breakfast wrap

  • A vegan wrap, which was like a little breakfast burrito: tofu scramble, fresh avocado & tomato, potatoes and red onion. This was such a perfect morning treat; I’m already thinking of how I could make similar things at home.

sesame tofu

  • A slice of sesame tofu. A regular feature of the Little Grocer’s deli case, sesame tofu is marinaded, baked and coated in sesame seeds. It’s a great little protein-filled snack, and is only $1.50 per slice.
  • An expertly constructed soy flat white for my Keep Cup.

The Little Grocer always has a few different vegan salads and baked sweets to choose from, as well as packaged snacks and drinks. It’s one of my favourite things about Grey Lynn these days.

4 thoughts on “Breakfast from The Little Grocer

  1. Definitely – I haven’t had any problems at all using mine, people are really friendly about it & some places even give discounts for bringing your own reusable cup. One of the benefits of Keep Cups over other reusables is that they’re designed to be the right size for standard coffee machines, so they’re not a pain for baristas to manage.

  2. Yeah I got given a reusuable cup but it was so massive that it was embarrassing, and got stuck under the coffee machine bit. Cringe. Gave up on that pretty quickly, but the keep cup looks much more appealing 🙂 Will be brave and get one. Next step: how to attach a cup holder to my bike!

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