K Road’s new best friend

a nice block in st kevin's arcade

The SAFE shop reopened for the year with a new addition to its freezer: Nice Blocks!

I wrote about these all-vegan frozen desserts before Christmas. Since then, they’ve set about taking over the freezers of Auckland with their fancy artisinal ices. As well as the SAFE shop, Nice Blocks are now stocked at:

Nice Blocks’ Facebook page is up to date with the latest stockists.

k road's new best friend

The flavours in the SAFE freezer all looked delicious; this time I tried a Coconut Rough block. Both blocks I’ve tried so far have been pleasingly grown-up – simple, but with some flavour subtleties, good quality ingredients, not too sweet. The chocolate Nice Blocks flavours are all based on coconut milk, which makes for a rich, smooth flavour that is a nice alternative to soy-based icecreams and fruity sorbets. The dark, fair trade chocolate is bittersweet and lovely – not super-rich like Giapo’s cocoa sorbet, but creamy, with the taste of real cocoa rather than sugar.

I’m a fan, and am looking forward to trying out all the other flavours.

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